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Constituents express outrage on Collective Punishment of Palestineans

Friday 11th July 2014

It is ironic that on the very day we are reflecting on lessons from Srebrenica we are overwhelmed by scenes of carnage in Gaza as the Humanitarian crisis continues to deepen.

What we see unfolding before our eyes is the Collective Punishment of many innocent Palestineans, a brutal and disproportionate use of force on an oppressed and starving population.

The Telegraph reports that over half of those killed by Israeli forces are innocent women and children. This is simply outrageous. Yet rather shockingly our mainstream television media is intent on reminding us that it is in fact ‘‘Israel under renewed Hamas Attack’’

Let me be clear, I am not condoning attacks on Israel, it should not be ignored or belittled. My frustration is that an Israeli life is deemed to be more important than a Palestinian life. Where is the balance from our ‘impartial’ broadcasters?

I have received over 600 emails from my constituents in Bolton expressing concern and outrage on the worsening situation in Palestine. This is an unprecedented number on any subject received before.

Today I have:

a) Written to the Prime Minister

b) Written to the Foreign Secretary William Hague and contacted him by phone leaving a message at the FCO. I have urged him to strongly condemn Israel’s disproportionate use of force and to press hard for a political solution involving diplomacy and dialogue.

b) I have contacted, Hugh Robertson MP, Minister for the Middle East by phone and left a message requesting an urgent call back to discuss.

d) I have written to the Director-General of the BBC, Tony Hall to remind him that as a public broadcaster, he is duty bound to provide balanced reports that accurately reflect the reality on the ground. At this moment in time, they are failing to do so.

e) I intend to raise this issue in Parliament when I return next week.