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Protecting Children

Protecting Children: Along with a number of other politicians, I am supporting ‘Yes Matters’ and Barnardo’s in their campaigns looking into protecting children from sexual exploitation. As part of a Parliamentary Inquiry I have been talking to the victims of sexual exploitation and looking into possible ways to prevent these appalling acts taking place. From [...]

Zero Hours Contracts

Zero Hours Contracts: The Office for National Statistics recently found that nearly 583,000 employees are on Zero Hours Contracts, which is more than double the Government’s estimate. Zero Hours Contracts can be exploitative and leave families without stability at a time when there is a cost of living crisis.  Although some Zero Hours Contracts can [...]

Emergency Services Communications Network

Emergency Services Communications Network: In Parliament, last month, I raised my concerns about the Government’s plan to move emergency services calls from their enclosed network onto a commercial network. Currently, the emergency services: Police, Fire, Ambulance and Army have a separate network for phone calls, which was built by the taxpayer.  This allows them to [...]

Railway Services in Bolton

Railway Services in Bolton: Last month, I presented a petition from my constituents, concerning the overcrowding on our trains, to Parliament. I use the train network every week as I travel to London from my home in Bolton, so I see, on a regular basis, overcroweded train carriages and the effect it has on all [...]

Energy Price Freeze

Energy Price Freeze This week the energy company, SSE, the UK’s second largest energy supplier, has announced that it will freeze energy prices for 20 months.  By freezing its prices; SSE has proven that Labour’s promise to freeze energy bills is not unworkable, impossible to implement or a swing towards Marxism.  SSE recognises that a [...]

Public Inquiry on Oral Hormone Pregnancy Drugs: PMQs

  Primodos Inquiry   Primodos was an Oral Hormone Pregnancy drug given to women to determine pregnancy in the 1960s and 1970s. As a consequence of taking this drug, many suffered instant miscarriages and thousands of babies were born with; missing limbs, abnormalities of internal organs, or other handicaps. Up to now, there has not [...]

The Budget 2014

During the leader of the opposition’s response to the budget, I was disgusted to see members of the Government laughing while Ed was taking about the crisis of living standards. This serves to demonstrate that the Conservatives have no empathy with the ordinary people of this country, who are struggling to get by because of [...]

Bolton’s Railway Services

On Wednesday 5 March 2014, I presented a petition to Parliament from my constituents, concerned about the overcrowding on our trains.  As someone who uses the train network regularly, I agree entirely with this petition; our train carriages are overcrowded and we need more rolling stock, not less. First Trans Pennine Express, our local train [...]

Chess in Schools

I was delighted to present the prizes for the Junior Chess Tournament at Kearsley West Primary School on 13 February 2014.  It was wonderful to see the children devote their time to such a challenging and stimulating activity, especially with over 50 children taking part. Chess is not only a good hobby; it is also [...]

Congratulations to Urban Outreach

I’m delighted that local charity Urban Outreach is celebrating winning £50,000 in The People’s Millions ITV contest. A film featuring the charity’s new project Friends of Fun Food was shown on ITV Granada Reports on Monday, when they went up against another charity from Middleton, near Rochdale. Children at St Thomas’ C of E Primary [...]

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