This site/account was established while I was a Member of Parliament. As Parliament has been dissolved there are no MPs until after the Election on 07 May 2015 Tameside Labour

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The Penrose Inquiry Report

  The contaminated blood scandal was the biggest disaster in the history of the NHS. We can never forget all those who contracted HIV and hepatitis C nor their families. For them, this is not an historical issue, it is an ongoing tragedy which continues to have a devastating impact on their lives, including my [...]

The Government’s Economic Plan is NOT working

  Earlier this week I spoke in the debate on the Budget in which the Chancellor had tried to tell us that the Government’s economic plan was working and that people were better off. The truth is that the Government has failed to balance the books as they promised, with borrowing at £90 billion this [...]

Home Ownership Crisis

      In questions to the Department of Communities and Local Government this afternoon, I reminded Ministers that in December of last year, the Prime Minister had said that he wanted to help hardworking young people to “enjoy the security of being able to own their own home.” But under this Government there are [...]

Citizen Advice Bureaus improve people’s Health

    In Praise of Citizens Advice Bureaux impact on improving people’s health and saving the NHS money   This week I attended an event, hosted by national charity Citizens Advice, which brought together MPs from all parties and health professionals, to highlight the positive impact of advice on people’s health. Research from the charity [...]

Overworked Teachers

  Teachers in this country are being overworked according to the Government’s own Teacher Workload Diary Survey, which found that the average primary school teacher is now working nearly 60 hours a week. This excessive workload is undeniably having a negative impact on teachers; an NUT survey found that 90 per cent of teachers had [...]

Supporting Mental Health concordat in Bolton

I welcome the news that multiple organisations in Bolton have joined together in a mental health concordat in an attempt to join-up mental health provisions in Bolton. The main aim of this agreement is to ensure that regardless of which branch of health care provision someone turned to in a mental health crisis, they would [...]

Funding of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Drug

Today I have called for the government to make available a new drug which would help save the lives of children with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy – a progressive muscle-wasting condition for which there is no cure. Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a severe muscle-wasting condition caused by the lack of a muscle protein called dystrophin. Around [...]

Supporting Equal Pay for Women

Today I voted in Parliament to introduce pay transparency across large companies. The measure, put forward by Labour will require companies which employ over 250 staff to publish their own gender pay gap in their annual report. We were joined in Parliament by Gwen Davis, Sheila Douglass, Vera Sime and Eileen Pullen – four of [...]

Government’s pension changes could put firefighters’ lives at risk

    The way Ministers in the Tory-led Government have handled firefighters’ pensions has been deeply irresponsible. They have presided over 47 separate periods of strike action by firefighters in England since September 2013 and, after more than three years of dispute, they have failed to negotiate a fair and sustainable solution. The new Fire [...]

Small Business Saturday

  Next Saturday I am pleased to be supporting Small Business Saturday to celebrate the contribution of small firms in Bolton South East as part of this year’s Small Business Saturday on 6 December. Small Business Saturday is a grass-roots campaign that encourages people to shop locally and support small businesses in the local community. [...]

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