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Off-Patents Drugs Bill

Off-Patents Drugs Bill Currently, there are unnecessary barriers preventing lifesaving, low-cost and effective drugs from being made available. When a new drug is produced, it needs an advocate that will push for it to be licenced.  This is also the case for older drugs that are discovered to have benefits in another area, which need [...]

Failing Deaf Children

Failing Deaf Children   The ‘National Deaf Children’s Society’ (NDCS) recently launched a report on Audiology Services in the UK and found that a third of audiology services are failing deaf children. Too many deaf children are not receiving timely and quality support under the current system. Some of the problems mentioned in the report [...]

Important Progress, but More must be done for Young Witnesses

  As a qualified barrister, specialising in complex and sensitive cases, I have followed the NSPCC’s Order in Court campaign with interest. I have been concerned to hear about the variability in provision for young witnesses in the criminal justice system. In particular, I was shocked to hear how few Registered Intermediaries are available to [...]

Recognising Palestine

    Today was a historic moment in the Commons. The motion to recognise Palestine was overwhelmingly passed: 274 to 12. I feel honored to be among those who voted to support the motion. Voting in favour of Recognising Palestine was highly important symbolically. It’s a strong expression of support for recognition, from the Parliament of [...]

Invitation for Nominations to Paul Goggins Memorial Prize

Do you work with or know a community project that has reduced poverty in Bolton? If you do then I’m interested in hearing from you! The All Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty and the Webb Memorial Trust are awarding a prize, worth £3,000, in Memory of Paul Goggins, who was the Secretary of the Group [...]

Voting against the Bedroom tax

    The Bedroom Tax is cruel, unfair and clearly not workable. The Labour Party has been clear and consistent in our opposition to the Bedroom Tax, it is an unworkable policy that is hitting the most vulnerable, particularly the disabled and their carer’s, most of whom have nowhere to move to. Nor does it [...]

Puppy Farming Must Stop.

  I am pleased that Parliament has been given the opportunity to debate the welfare issues surrounding the sale of puppies and kittens. Methods of selling puppies and kittens has changed considerably and it is important that the Government look at all the different ways people buy, deal and trade in these animals. Animals should [...]

Urging the Government to scrap Hospital Car Parking Charges

  On Monday I spoke in the debate on hospital parking charges, an unnecessary burden on anyone visiting a hospital. By allowing parking charges we are essentially taxing people when they are vulnerable and need our help the most. No one visits a hospital for pleasure, they go because they are unwell or someone they [...]

Interfaith Peace Vigil for Iraq

    Today I attended an Interfaith Peace Vigil at Westminster Abbey in solidarity with those being persecuted in Iraq. #WeAreAllHuman Powerful moving speeches were heard from the Archbishop Of Canterbury Justin Welby, Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Imam Ibrahim Moghra, Ayatollah Fazel Milani. As Faith leaders, NGOs, Parliamentarians and supporters we stand together with common humanity and [...]

Invitation to Minister to Experience the Bolton Commute

Many people will have seen the comments from Claire Perry MP, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Transport who, this week, stated that commuters should enjoy “fair fares for comfortable commuting” following the announcement that next year’s rail prices are set to increase by 3.5%, which is 1% above inflation. This [...]

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